Joint event with Electrosuisse 2022 - reduced fees for PES members

We are pleased to announce two collaborative events with Electrosuisse. The events will take place in September and November, and PES members will benefit from a reduced attendance fee.

Switchgear conference

The first event is a Switchgear Conference. It will take place on 22 September 2022. The Switchgear Conference is aimed at electricity system operators, energy suppliers, manufacturers, plant managers and R&D. It includes industry leading speakers and covers current topics in Swtichgear. Full details can be found on the Electrosuisse website. PES Members can register online by following this link.

Overhead line construction

The second event focuses on overhead line construction. It will take place on 9 November 2022. The conference is aimed at the same audience as the Switchgear conference, but also includes content that will be of interest to representatives of government and municipalities. Again, full details can be found on the Electrosuisse website by following this link.

How can i get a discount as a PES member?

To secure your discount, register for the conference as a ‘non member’ of Electrosuisse. Mention that you are an IEEE PES member in the comments, and ask for payment by invoice (not credit card). You will then receive an invoice for your discounted fee.

How much is the discount?

For the Switchgear conference, your PES membership will secure you a discount of 120 CHF, reducing the fee from 650 CHF to 530 CHF. For the overhead line construction conference, the reduction is 90 CHF, reducing the fee from 580 CHF to 490 CHF.