Below is a list all PES events. The presentations have been removed for copyright reasons but are available on request.


7.11.2019 Rapid decarbonisation and its impact on society
26.9.2019 IEEE Careers Roundtable: Digitalization & Energy
9.5.2019 Decarbonisation of Energy Systems in Swiss Urban Areas
10.4.2018 Energy Strategy Approved – What now?
4.10.2017 Smart Grid and Standardization
22.2.2017 Integration of Uncertainty into Planning and Operation of Electric Power Grids
25.5.2016 Energy conversion and storage
25.3.2015 From power producers to energy service providers
30.4.2014 Microgrid - evolution and integration in modern power system
4.9.2013 Supergrid - interaction between AC and DC Power Systems
6./7.12.2012 Smart Grid World Forum, Geneva

Securing the future of energy systems - Generation vs. Network investments

28.4.2011 Network Operation under High Intermittent Power Generation
19.8.2010 IEEE Milestone Celebration - Star of Laufenburg Interconnection 1958
14.4.2010 High Voltage Power Cables - Operational Experience of High Voltage Power Cables inTransmission and Distribution Systems
24.4.2009 Hydro Power Operation and Control - Hydro Power with IEC 61850
29.1.2009 Nuclar Power - Some actual Engineering Facts and Figures
11.6.2008 Hydro Power - New Challenges and Solutions
9.11.2006 Power System Stability - New Challenges and Solutions
21.2.2006 System Operations in Open Electricity Market: Challenges and Solutions 
2.6.2005 Future power systems: Intelligence and new technologies
23.9.2004 Electrical systems within power plants in liberalized markets 
17.3.2004 Power system stability & control
12.6.2003 Chapter Foundation Meeting